Heckler & Koch MR308

The MR308 is a semi-automatic rifle developed for hunting and sport shooting. The civil variant comes in .308 Winchester caliber, while the military edition has a 7,62 × 51 mm NATO caliber.  It was developed from the HK417, but in contrary to the HK417 it can only shoot single-action. Sustained fire is forbidden by the German weapons law, therefore this rifle was not not given permission to be carried as a civil weapon and was later reconstructed to assure that it cannot be rebuild into a fully automatic war weapon. The MR308 is gas-operated with a rotating bolt. It has great shooting precision and very low disturbance when shooting with different types of munition.


Weapon type:semi-automatic rifle
Weight:4,28 - 5,10 kg
Calibre & cartridge:7,62 × 51 mm NATO
Manufacturer:Heckler & Koch
In service:since 2009